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Non-stop Cultivation of Microorganisms

summary: non-stop Cultivation of Microorganisms

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Herber t I would like to kno w whethe r ther e woul d be an y differenc e in th e efficiency of oxidatio n of glucose to gluconi c acid whe n thi s proces s is carrie d out eithe r in a single stag e continuou s fermente r or in a multistag e continuou s fermente r ? Dr. Powell: Of cours e ther e is no differenc e betwee n a vertica l an d a horizonta l pipe . A rectifyin g colum n such as is used for distillatio n can ver y well be adopte d as a pip e flow fermenter . I n fact a bubble-ca p colum n is th e equivalen t of a chai n of stirre d fermenters .

Herber t substrate, i. e. utilization of 5 and æ proceeds independently. This situation is probably rather rare; if it arose it could be analysed by the methods given in the previous section since mathematically there is no essential distinction betveen the two substrates. (iii) The second substrate can be used for growth but its utilization is not independent of the first substrate, i. e. when s and æ are present simultaneously, each affects the rate of utilization of the other, producing phenomena which have been variously termed "competition", "interference", "diauxie", etc.

But turbulenc e introduce s longitudina l as well as transvers e mixing ; if we tak e a thi n slice acros s th e pipe , say nea r th e input , an d follow its history , we find tha t th e content s graduall y diffus e axiall y as the y trave l onwards , accordin g to a Gaussia n distributio n whose breadt h increase s with time . I n spit e of thi s imperfectio n I thin k Dr . Hospodka' s schem e is well wort h investigating . A SIMPL E STOCHASTI C MODE L O F C O N T I N U O U S CULTIVATION O F MICROORGANISM S IN SEVERA L VESSEL S J.

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