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By Robert (Roma A. King, ed.) Browning

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This e-book is a facsimile reprint and should include imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and improper pages.

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Three, four-four grey hairs! Is it so you said A plait of hair should wave across my neck? No-this way. SEBALD Ottima, I would give your neck, Each splendid shoulder, both those breasts of yours, T h a t this were undone! Killing! -ay, lives to sputter His fulsome dotage onyou-yes, and feign Surprise that I return ateve to sup, When all the morningI was loitering hereBid me despatch my business and begone. I would. . OTTIMA See! SEBALD No, I’ll finish. Do you think I fear to speak the bare truth once for all?

M S : And more of it. antl more of i t ! - o h , y e s 2O”j 18-11:So that my passing, and each happiness/ I pass, will be alike important-prove/ T h a t true! oh y e s t h e brother,/ The bride, the lover, and the mother,-/ Only to pass whom will remove-/ Whom a mere look at half will c u r e / T h e Past, antl help me to endure/ The Coming.. I am just M S : I will pass by, and see their 2051 1841: As they! 081 1841: Whyrepine? Whereforerepine? 2091 1841: With C > 21 210 Down the grass path grey with dew, Under the pine-wood, blind with boughs, Where the swallow never flew Nor yet cicala dared carouseNo, dared carouse!

I MS: brother; and God will bless in turn / T h a t heart which beats, those eyes J S 4 I : Will which mildly burn / With love for allmen: I 1858: and Cod bless 1841: In that-why else be M S : Would be <> priest! 1868: priest. 18 -1w1 20 What other meaning do these verses bear? $rst. ” W h y “small”? Costs i t more pain that this, ye call A “great event,” should come to pass, Than that? Urztwine me from the mass Of deedswhichmake up If“, onedeed Power shall f a l l short in or exceed! ”oh y e s I will pass each, andsee their happiness, And envy none-being just as great, no doubt, Useful to men, and dear to God,as they!

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