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By Daniel Klawitter

After revising identified representations of the gang of Euclidean displacements Daniel Klawitter offers a entire advent into Clifford algebras. The Clifford algebra calculus is used to build new types that let descriptions of the gang of projective ameliorations and inversions with recognize to hyperquadrics. Afterwards, chain geometries over Clifford algebras and their subchain geometries are tested. the writer applies this conception and the constructed the right way to the homogeneous Clifford algebra version such as Euclidean geometry. additionally, kinematic mappings for unique Cayley-Klein geometries are built. those mappings enable an outline of latest kinematic mappings in a unifying framework.

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A complete treatise of this topic is off the scope of this work, but we try to give enough references for the interested reader. 1 Definition of a Geometric Algebra We start with a finite-dimensional real vector space V = Rn equipped with a quadratic form ρ : V → R. The pair (V, ρ) is called a quadratic space. The matrix of the quadratic form ρ is denoted by (Qij )i,j with 1 ≤ j, j ≤ n. Therefore, ρ(xi , xj ) = Qi,j for some basis vectors xi and xj and we denote the quadratic form by its matrix representation Q.

The resulting ruled surfaces is a helicoid and the corresponding motion is a helical motion, see [57]. 2. Helicoids correspond to great circles on Study’s sphere, see [57]. 18. 2 Point Models for Lines and Displacements First of all, a quotation from [56] is presented. ”Working in a geometric point model enables better understanding and a simple interpretation of various objects of line space. ” Sometimes it seems confusing to introduce high dimensional spaces as model spaces, but if things get easier these methods help.

Ik } , 0 ≤ i1 < . . < ik ≤ n, where I is the ordered set {0, . . , n} and n = p + q + r the dimension of the vector space is called the Poincar´e duality. Grade-k elements are mapped to grade-(n − k) elements. 7. If we apply this mapping to a grade-2 element p = x0 e12 +x1 e23 + x2 e13 of C (2,0,1) we get a grade-1 element J(p) = x0 e3 + x1 e1 +x2 e2 . 27) results in J(p) · J(p) = x21 +x22 . This expression belongs to the norm of vectors in the Euclidean plane. Note, that in this case J(p)J(p) = J(p) · J(p), since the exterior product of an element with itself vanishes.

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