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By Gareth Hanrahan, Ralph Horsley

The vintage Play sequence takes the most well-liked points of roleplaying and places all of them jointly in a single whole quantity. past titles have incorporated The e-book of Strongholds & Dynasties, The publication of Dragons, The booklet of Adventuring, and The ebook of Encounters and Lairs. This quantity absolutely info the planes, exchange existences that the courageous and foolhardy input in equivalent degree. an entire one-stop source for any video games grasp desiring to run video games in those worlds, gamers also will locate it immensely worthwhile in the event that they wish their personality to outlive.

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Planes tend to flow rather like liquids, so the denser and stronger elements of a plane go unchanged while softer places blend. If the Plane of Fire mingles with the Material Plane (a major disaster…), 61-70 14th 35,000 gp 1,400 XP 71-80 15 40,000 gp 1,600 XP 81-90 16 45,000 gp 1,800 XP 91-100 17 50,000 gp 2,000 XP 101-110 18 55,000 gp 2,200 XP 111-120 19 60,000 gp 2,400 XP 121+ 20 75,000 gp 3,000 XP th th th th th th 33 TRAVELLING THE PLANES Gate of reality to the traveller. An understanding of magic is vital to planar travel.

37 Any Number A mirror-still pool of blue light; to travel through the portal, one simply leaps into the pool. 38 Any Number A cloud of eerie yellowish fog that sparkles like gold in the sunlight. Walking into the mist triggers the portal. 39 Any Number A pair of huge holes in the ground; when the portal is activated, a giant mechanical centipede crawls out of one hole. The centipede has a number of body-segments equal to the number of travellers, and each segment has a door in it. Once all the travellers are aboard, the centipede crawls into the other hole and delivers them to the destination plane.

The mercenary group all wear heavy helms of black metal that have neither visor nor air holes. The only identifying mark on a helm is a number written in the runes of chaos. The Faceless Legion have fought bravely in thousands of wars; theirs is a history drenched in blood. Their eyeless masks have seen more atrocities and sorrow than any man should bear. The Legion has a base on the fortress plane of Azimuth, where a race of strange squid-like servitors dwell. These creatures, the Kjakti, deal with many of the day-to-day operations of the Legion.

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