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By Karl Barth, G. W. Bromiley, T. F. Torrance

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Read Online or Download Church Dogmatics: Doctrine of Reconciliation Jesus Christ the True Witness, Part 3 (Church Dogmatics Ser. : Vol. 4 Pt. 3, 1st Half) (Vol 4) PDF

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Because they were this, even to-day they are to be heard by us as the heralds of the divine act of reconciliation as the fulfilment of the covenant, just as the apostles are to be heard as its later witnesses. For all of them in different ways proclaim the covenant as the presupposition and contour of the divine act of reconciliation. But they do so within their limits. They are witnesses who are only incidentally summoned and appointed in the sphere of the one special people of the covenant. Their witness is borne in face of the breach of the covenant and the rift between its partners.

Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come unto thee," the following verses describing how they fly like a cloud or like doves to their windows, carrying their particular treasures into Jerusalem through gates which are open both day and night. The isolated and striking passage Is. 19 18 ... points in the same direction. It speaks of five cities in Egypt" which speak the language of Canaan and swear to the Lord of hosts," and of an altar built to Yahweh in the midst of Egypt as a sign.

The New Testament witnesses could hardly praise God more hIghly than IS already done in the Old. On the contrary, it is no accident, nor does it rest on an error or confusion of categories, that in its extolling of the grace of jesus Christ it so often uses the notes and language of the Old Testament praise of God. 4. On this basis we can hardly contest the fact that the history of Israel and its prophecy have a mediatorial character. One aspect in 2. The Light of Life 63 which it bears this character in the Old Testament is that it is a sequence of events in which God and man are together and work together, though naturally it is God who absolutely precedes and man can only follow.

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