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By Ljubisa R. Radovic

"Provides an outline of medical and technological concerns in environmental purposes of carbon fabrics. Emphasizes the flexibility of carbon fabrics in either gasoline- and liquid-phase environmental functions, together with a dialogue of rising applied sciences. Highlights the facility and capability possibilities afforded through NMR spectroscopy for knowing the interplay of carbon fabrics with adsorbed molecules."

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Before this water can be discharged. it must be rendered free of toxic substances that can pollute natural water sources; and the biochemical oxygen demand that it would place on such systems must be limited. B. Properties of Activated Carbons for Water Treatment Use of granular activated carbon (GAC) is considered to be the best currently available technology for removing low-solubility contaminants such as disinfection by-products (usually from chlorination) that include trihalomethanes (THM).

The pathway for SO? removal depends upon conditions [39], dry or humid. ), SO? adsorption oxidation step diffusion into water film SOz adsorption SOz oxidation reaction to sulfuric acid acid desorption where G, = surface site containing component i and oV= vacant site. ( U ) D131 Adsorption crnd Oxidcltion. Underdryconditions, SOz canbeadsorbed onto activated carbon andthen oxidized to SO? in the presence of oxygen. In this process, when theadsorptivecapacity is reached, the carbonmust be regenerated to recover gaseous SOz or SO?.

6% per year. Natural gas fueled vehicles make up two-thirds of the non-LPG AFVs in use, or approximately 55,000 vehicles as of 1995. The major shortcoming of natural gas as a fuel is the relatively low calorific value per unit volume (energy density) compared to liquid fuels. One solution is to liquefy the gas by compression. yielding liquefied natural gas (LNG),which has a comparable energy density to that of liquid fuels, Table 4. In practice, this is too costly and too dangerous for use in a vehicle fleet [60].

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