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By Albert Balcells

This e-book, the 1st examine of Catalan nationalism to seem in English, outlines the heritage of Catalonia, exhibiting how the nationwide and cultural identification of the area persevered regardless of persecution. this gives the required historical past for the research of the modern political and cultural state of affairs in Catalonia within the wider context of the eu Union.

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Later on this stand in favour of municipal rights was to be used against Regionalism. It was also the hope of the Federal Republicans that a federal solution could be found to the Cuban question, thus avoiding a break between the colony and the mother country. The break seemed inevitable, however, after the independence rising in September 1868 which sparked off the first Cuban War, or Ten Years War. Iberianism was another ideal pursued by the Federal Republicans since if Spain were to become a federation Portugal could form part of anew, radically restructured Peninsular state.

A reference to wheat imports from the Ukraine, though those from North America and Argentina were also highly competitive. 4. The tendency to call for the re-establishment of the Jors, that is, the political privileges enjoyed by Catalonia prior to 1714. This traditionalist vision of self-government, oriented towards the past rather than the present, was characteristic of the Carlists, who were opponents of the liberal revolution. 3 Catalan Federalism and the Failure of the First Republic THE STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS OF FEDERALISM The experience of the Sexenio Democratico (' Six Years of Democracy'), which began with the dethronement of Isabel II in September 1868, had far-reaching effects on the subsequent rise of political Catalanism.

This conception was quite unlike that of politics 'as a profession at the service of the state', which implied the symbiosis, and even the confusion, of party and government and led to the total subordination of the provincial heads of the Spanish oligarchical parties to the central leadership, so that instead of political integration of active citizens through representation, what occurred was the total subordination of government to its private political supporters. This state of affairs was displeasing to a society like that of Catalonia, which seemed able to create non-governmental associations in keeping with its own degree of development.

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