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By Václav Chvalovský (auth.), Václav Chvalovský, Jon M. Bellama (eds.)

The time period "carbon-functional organosilicon compound" is used for organosilicon compounds during which a practical team is bonded to an natural moiety that's in flip con­ nected to silicon through a Si-C bond. hence, merely Si-Cn-Y com­ kilos (Y designates a practical crew) may be mentioned during this publication 1 Si-O-Cn-Y compounds will often now not be thought of, even though the latter staff does contain a number of ordinary elements containing silylated hydroxyl teams. (Because of the differing value of assorted Y teams, the reader will locate a few deviation from this restriction). eventually, compounds containing a silyl workforce because the sensible staff should not thought of. an outline of the sector of organosilicon chemistry may convey that during the final numerous many years the economic synthesis of organosilicon items has elevated substan­ tially, either in annual creation and in addition within the expanding number of compounds produced. This bring up within the variety of commercially to be had carbon-functional monomers and polymers (silicone polymers) is so much amazing and is happening simply because new purposes are regularly being chanced on for those compounds. As should be anticipated, the variety of courses during this box can also be expanding. the real place of silicon within the periodic desk - among carbon, aluminum, and phosphorus - signifies that an realizing of the character of the bonds in organosilicon compounds is kind of vital with the intention to comprehend the bonding in those different areas.

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In the latter case carbon-functional silanes can act not only as a component of the polymer-agent-filler-agent-polymer system but also directly as the crosslinking component of the polymer-agent-polymer system. Compared to the peroxide-initiated crosslinking of plastomeric polyolefins, the utilization of organosilicon compounds is of advantage because the Si-O-Si bonds can relax, which favorably influences the physico-mechanical properties of vulcanizates. The siloxane linkage between polymer chains can be formed either by the addition of vinyltrialkoxysilane to the double bond of the polymer [77, 78], followed by hydrolysis of the product formed, as shown in Eq.

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