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Them. 5-6=Phanias fr. 24 Wehrli. 26 Understanding the significance of the events at Artemisium requires moving past the standard view. This section presents a case for how a relational approach can help. Two aspects of a relational approach to bribery lend themselves particularly well to the Athenian context. Because the Athenians had no word for ‘bribe’, the Athenian vocabulary of bribery focused on compensation and the violation of social norms. As we saw in the previous section, these were the two critical components in a relational model of bribery.

E. compensation); and they measured the acceptability of the final result, whether the outcome was to be deemed good or bad (norm violation). Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, we find that the vocabulary of bribery was broken down into two groups of words, each consonant with a different way of conceptualizing an ‘outcome’: those that conveyed compensation, and those that signaled a violation of some norm. In other words, the Athenians’ focus on outcomes inclined them well towards a relational model of bribery.

See also the essays collected in Parry and Bloch (1989), DiMaggio (1994) and Levin (2008). 36 Conover cash: Bribery in Classical Athens how do you evaluate that scene normatively? Chapter One Understanding the pair’s relationship—husband/wife, father/daughter, citizen/politician, store-owner/customer, to name but a few examples—is absolutely necessary. So, too, is understanding whether the cash represents a gift, payment, loan, kickback and so forth. e. 22 This is a second crucial advantage to the standard view’s focus on what does and does not constitute bribery, an advantage that allows us to assess why there might be a normative distinction between, say, bribing an opponent in court to drop a lawsuit and bribing a bureaucrat to obtain a public contract.

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