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By Xiao-Gai Yang, Kui Wang (auth.), Werner E. G. Müller, Xiaohong Wang, Heinz C. Schröder (eds.)

In fresh years, inorganic polymers have attracted a lot realization in nano-biomedicine, specifically within the region of regenerative medication and drug supply. This starting to be curiosity in inorganic polymers has been extra speeded up by means of the advance of recent man made and analytical tools within the box of nanotechnology and nanochemistry. Examples for biomedical inorganic polymers that were confirmed to express biomedical results and/or were utilized in preclinical or scientific trials are polysilicate / silica glass (such as clearly shaped “biosilica” and artificial “bioglass”) and inorganic polyphosphate. a few contributors of the pointed out biomedical inorganic polymers have already been utilized e.g. as “bioglass” for bone fix and bone tissue engineering, or they're utilized in meals processing and in dental care (inorganic polyphosphates). even though, there are many additional organic and medicinal homes of those polymers, that have been elucidated within the previous couple of years yet now not but been utilized for remedy of people. as well as polysilicates and polyphosphate, there are a chain of different inorganic polymers together with polyarsenate and polyvanadate, whose organic / biomedical houses were basically marginally studied up to now. in addition, the mixed software of inorganic polymers and natural polymeric molecules (formation of organic-inorganic hybrid fabrics) presents numerous new fabrics with novel estate combos and various purposes in nanomedicine. The deliberate ebook summarizes the current kingdom of data on a wide staff of inorganic polymers that had hitherto been generally thought of with reference to their chemistry yet now not comprehensively reviewed with appreciate to their power biomedical applications.

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10 2D hexagonal packing (a); structural model of the organization of the filaments in G. cydonium spicules (b); structural model of the organization of the filaments in S. joubini spicules (c). The dot and dash lines represent the longitudinal axis of the filament. Reprinted from Biophys J (Croce et al. 2004), Copyright 2004 with permission from Elsevier position and distribution of the spots in the fiber diffraction (Croce et al. 2003). Equatorial spots up to the third order of G. cydonium spicules are consistent with a very regular hexagonal arrangement of protein units aligned along the spicule axis (Fig.

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