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By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Committee on Information Technology and Creativity, Marjory S. Blumenthal, Alan S. Inouye, William J. Mitchell

Machine technological know-how has drawn from and contributed to many disciplines and practices because it emerged as a box in the course of the twentieth century. these interactions, in flip, have contributed to the evolution of knowledge expertise - new types of computing and communications, and new purposes - that proceed to enhance from the inventive interactions among laptop technological know-how and different fields. "Beyond productiveness" argues that, at first of the twenty first century, details expertise (IT) is forming a strong alliance with inventive practices within the arts and layout to set up the interesting new, area of knowledge know-how and inventive practices - ITCP. There are significant merits to be received from encouraging, aiding, and strategically making an investment during this area.

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Ages, three-dimensional (3D) computer-aided design (CAD) models, video, or scientific data; the same techniques, devices, and channels can be used for storing and transporting it. Once you have a stream of digital data, whatever the source, you can apply the same techniques to process it. Once you have an efficient sorting algorithm, you can use it to order vast files of scientific data or to arrange polygons (digital objects) for hidden-surface removal in rendering a 3D scene. Once you have a library of software objects, you can use those objects as building blocks to quickly construct specialized software tools for use in many different domains.

Generally, scientists and mathematicians are clear on the difference between such knowledge and that which results from incremental advances within established intellectual frameworks. Ground-breaking discovery is widely (though not universally) regarded as a product of great value in itself, but it is also valued more pragmatically—as an enabler of technological innovation. In engineering, and in technology-based industry, creativity yields technological inventions. Such inventions can result in commercially successful products, in improvements to the quality of life (as, for example, when motion picture technology enabled a new form of entertainment, or when an innovative new drug provides a cure for a disease), and in the generation of income streams through intellectual property licensing arrangements.

On the one hand, designers are frequently avid to exploit technological advances and to explore their human potential. On the other, they typically have close intellectual alliances with visual and other artists. And innovative design can yield high economic payoffs; firms such as Apple, Sony, Audi, and Target have differentiated themselves and in some cases turned themselves around through innovative design. Volkswagen remade its image, and refreshed its reputation for witty innovation, with the revived and redesigned Beetle.

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