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By Barb Hendee, J. C. Hendee

Wynn Hygeort is surprised whilst Magiere and Leesil, in addition to the elven wolf Chap, appear on the Guild of Sagecraft. yet Wynn can't go away along with her friends—she nonetheless needs to entry the texts in the Guild's records that could support her divine the destinations of the final Orbs sought by means of the traditional Enemy. to accomplish her task—and shield the Orbs—Wynn needs to stay sequestered from her pals.
But she's basically a prisoner. one of many Guild's superiors is simply as longing for Wynn to translate the traditional texts, yet she is familiar with the others won't let her to proportion that knowledge—knowledge Magiere and Leesil desperately desire if they're going to forestall the traditional Enemy from unleashing warfare at the land...

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9 Many Men, such as the Men of the Mountains near Dunharrow, were drawn under his sway. Eventually his evil influence affected the histories of all the Free Peoples throughout the second and third ages. The Valar could grant good, as well as destroy evil. So Ossë raised a land in the midst of the sea — Andor, the Land of Gift. It stood slightly nearer to Valinor than to Middle-earth. There, the Edain, the Three Faithful Houses of Men, were as far west toward the Undying Lands as mortal Men could be.

They were scattered through Beleriand, but most lived in one of three areas: on the coast, the Falathrim under Círdan; in Ossiriand, the Greenelves; and in the Guarded Realm of Doriath, the Sindar, kin of Elwë/Thingol. The bulk of Thingol's realm lay inside the Girdle of Melian:1 the Forests of Neldoreth, Region, and part of Nivrim, the west march across Sirion. Outside the Girdle was Brethil, a less populous area. All the Teleri eventually came to acknowledge Thingol as Lord, and so were loosely grouped with the Sindar.

Long they journeyed, and both the sea and the land were evil enemies. Then, far in the north as they climbed in Araman, they were arrested by a powerful voice that prophesied the Doom of the Noldor. Then Finarfin and his following, least willing from the start, returned to Tirion; but most of the people continued. The hosts neared the Helcaraxë, and while they debated the path to take, Fëanor's folk slipped aboard and abandoned Fingolfin. Sailing east and south, they landed at Losgar, and burned the white ships.

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