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Starting Oracle PL/SQL will get you all started in utilizing the integrated language that each Oracle developer and database administrator needs to understand. Oracle Database is brim-full of integrated software good points which are loose for the utilizing, and PL/SQL is your price ticket to studying approximately and utilizing these beneficial properties out of your personal code. With it, you could centralize company common sense within the database, you could offload program common sense, and you may automate database- and application-administration initiatives. writer Don Bales offers in starting Oracle PL/SQL a fast moving and example-filled educational. research from Don's broad event to find the main generic facets of PL/SQL, with out losing time on vague and out of date beneficial properties.

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In this example, you didn’t code declaration or exception-handling sections, but they’re still there! If an error occurs between the BEGIN and END keywords, PL/SQL will use the default (invisible) exception handler to raise the error to the enclosing program unit, which, in this case, is SQL*Plus. Exceptions Exceptions allow you to catch errors as your PL/SQL program executes, so you have control over what happens in response to those errors. PL/SQL predefines more than 20 named exceptions, but you’ll probably use only a few.

Put_line() to make sure pl() is working properly. Listing 2-7. sql rem by Donald J. Bales on 2014-10-20 rem pl's test unit declare v_max_line varchar2(32767); begin -- The next three lines initialize the -- variable v_max_line with 32,767 spaces. sql Test a line of text. Test a number, such as 1? 1 Test a date, such as 01/01/1980? PL", line 11 ORA-06512: at line 24 The line of text, number 1, date 01/01/1980, and line <= 32767 characters tests ran, but the last test, multiline, didn’t because the > 32767 test threw an exception that was not handled.

Info Chapter 1 ■ Relational SQL Your Working Example I know it’s a lot of work, but you really need to buy into the following fictional example in order to have something realistic to work with as you proceed through this book. I would love to take on one of your real business problems, but I don’t work at the same company you do, so that would be very difficult. So let me start by telling you a short story. Your Example Narrative You’re going to do some software development for a company called Very Dirty Manufacturing, Inc.

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