By W. Baumjohann

This textbook bargains with the necessities of house physics. the 1st half begins with an outline of the Earth's plasma setting, by way of a derivation of unmarried particle motions in electromagnetic fields, with functions to the Earth's magnetosphere. Then the beginning and results of collisions and conductivities, formation of the ionosphere, magnetospheric convection and dynamics, and sunlight wind-magnetosphere coupling are mentioned. the second one a part of the e-book offers a extra theoretical origin of plasma physics, ranging from kinetic concept. Introducing moments of the distribution functionality allows derivation of the fluid equations, via an research of fluid limitations, with the Earth's magnetopause and bow surprise as examples. ultimately, fluid and kinetic idea are utilized to derive the proper wave modes in a plasma.A consultant choice of the various house plasma instabilities and suitable features of nonlinear concept is given in a significant other textbook, complicated area Plasma Physics, by means of an identical authors.

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Because the magnetic drift of positive ions is directed westward, the two drifts are oppositely directed on the dawn side. For electrons, this holds on the dusk side. Since the magnetic drift velocity scales with L 2 while the E x B velocity scales with L 3 , the electric drift will typically overcome the magnetic drift outside some radial distance. Hence, for the combined electric and magnetic drift we have the situation sketched in Fig. 8. Close to the Earth, the magnetic drift forces prevail and we have a symmetric ring current.

The cold ion does not contribute to the ring current anymore, but mixes with the plasmaspheric particles. Typical life times of ring current ions before charge exchange are a couple of hours to some days. Other loss processes are caused by electromagnetic variations with frequencies far above the bounce and cyclotron frequencies. In the presence of such high-frequency waves, the first and second adiabatic invariant of a particle may be violated and its pitch angle may be altered in such a way that it falls into the loss cone.

MAGNETIC DRIFTS Fig. 5. Centrifugal force felt by a particle moving along a curved field line. All particle drifts can be described this way by using the appropriate force terms, whenever the drift velocity of the particle is much smaller than its gyrovelocity. 41) where Fv denotes the gradient and Fp the polarization force. FG is the gravitational force, which is typically much weaker than the other forces. Except for processes near the solar surface, it can usually be neglected. 38) shows that all drifts generated by a force other than the Coulomb force depend on the sign of the charge, since ogcarries this sign.

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