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Fantasy stories and conversational narratives of personal experience Closings in diŸerent narrative genres The structure of closings in fantasy stories We will now return to the fantasy stories and look at their closings. Two subsequent moves can be observed that regularly occur; the ªrst taken by the child story-tellers, the second by the adult listener. Both moves constitute a typical closing structure of fantasy stories in the given conversational context. Children’s closing moves: returning home Most children (and adults) make an eŸort to ªnd a proper closing to the fantasy stories — even in case they have obviously run out of ideas — to close the gestalt of the narrative genre.

As resources to construct closings of the diŸerent narrative genres, the children draw on media experiences, on the one hand, and familiarity with the narrative structures on the other. Conclusion: narrative, interactional and developmental aspects Narrative theory Generally speaking, the descriptive GLOBE model, formulating ªve narrative jobs that have to be mutually fulªlled by the participants, could be shown to be relevant for the diŸerent narrative genres under investigation. The narrative jobs, however, are completed through changing interactive and conversational work across diŸerent narrative genres.

In particular, participants in the Investigators’ Club have been markedly successful in using a speciªc narrative tool — the “Two Puppies” story — to understand and explain the physics of air pressure.

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