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By Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Medical Preparedness for a Terrorist Nuclear Event, Susan R. McCutchen, Michael McGeary, Georges C. Benjamin

A nuclear assault on a wide U.S. urban through terrorists--even with a low-yield improvised nuclear gadget (IND) of 10 kilotons or less--would reason a lot of deaths and serious accidents. the massive variety of injured from the detonation and radioactive fallout that will stick with will be overwhelming for neighborhood emergency reaction and healthiness care structures to rescue and deal with, even assuming that those platforms and their team of workers weren't themselves incapacitated by way of the development. the us has been suffering for your time to deal with and plan for the specter of nuclear terrorism and different guns of mass destruction that terrorists may possibly receive and use. the dept of native land safety lately gotten smaller with the Institute of medication to carry a workshop, summarized during this quantity, to evaluate clinical preparedness for a nuclear detonation of as much as 10 kilotons. This ebook offers a candid and sobering examine our present country of preparedness for an IND, and identifies numerous key parts during which we'd start to concentration our nationwide efforts in a manner that may enhance the final point of preparedness.

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Any one-size-fits-all policy would result in increases in risk for some individuals. Each individual would have to decide what to do, and the focus should be on improving that decision making. This requires more than people being well informed in advance so they are capable of deciding to stay or leave. , highway conditions). Another question concerned how well the communications infrastructure would survive the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by the detonation as well as the blast and thermal damage.

Five more of the 13 would receive lesser levels of radiation, as would two hospitals outside the 1-psi perimeter. The impact on the health care infrastructure in Washington, DC, would likely be less. In the specific scenario presented, only two hospitals would be in the 1-psi perimeter with none under the fallout plume. Far more problematic than the actual loss of hospitals, however, would be the inability to transport patients to receiving hospitals. Dallas deemed it highly unlikely that most patients could be moved in sufficient time through the chaotic environment following a nuclear detonation to distant hospitals in the unaffected areas.

6 miles downwind of the explosion, in the middle of the fallout plume. S. Capitol 15 minutes after detonation would receive ~1,500 cGy per hour. At that exposure rate a person could receive up to 200 cGy in 8 minutes. After the first 2 hours the dose rate would be down to 180 cGy per hour and it would take more than an hour to reach 200 cGy. Two days after detonation the dose rate would be down to 7 cGy per hour, at which 28 hours would be required to receive 200 cGy. Based on his scenario, Buddemeier observed that individuals near an IND detonation would be making life-or-death decisions in the first few minutes or hours.

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