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By Robert Martin, Jean-Pierre Buisson

An very important source for the synthesis of intermediates of uniqueness chemical compounds, prescription drugs and superb chemical substances. fragrant Hydroxyketones from Butanone to Dotriacontanone presents the reader with exhaustive details protecting constitution, practise, physicochemical features, in addition to a similar bibliography. The guide is gifted in dictionary variety, with a logical category of the ketones, making the data simply on hand for session. The publication is aimed toward these operating in examine, improvement and creation purposes in quite a few industries (chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics, paints and perfumes).

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26 -Obtained by reaction of butyric acid with phenetole in the presence of aluminium chloride (76 %) [3477]. p. 23 173–174 [1698]. C12H17NO2 Oxime of the ethyl ether mol. wt. p. 103–104 [3477]. Semicarbazone of the ethyl ether [88858-34-8] C13H19N3O2 mol. wt. p. 181 [3477]. 1-(2,3-Dihydroxyphenyl)-1-butanone [103324-17-0] C10H12O3 mol. wt. 20 OH Syntheses -Obtained by treatment of 2,3-dimethoxybutyrophenone with hydriodic acid in refluxing acetic acid (38 %) [199]. -Also obtained by deprotection of its dimethyl ether with boron tribromide in methylene chloride at 0 .

Triacetate [145747-19-9] C16H18O7 mol. wt. 31 -Obtained by reaction of acetic anhydride with 2,4,5-trihydroxyphenol in the presence of pyridine (8) [376]. -Also refer to: [2410]. p. 108–110 [376]; Trimethyl ether 1 H NMR [376], IR [376], MS [376]. [2020-73-7] C13H18O4 mol. wt. 28 -Obtained by heating dimethyl sulfate with 2,4,5-trihydroxybutyrophenone [1250] in the presence of aqueous sodium hydroxide at reflux for 90 min (83 %) [2127]. -Prepared by Friedel-Crafts acylation (88 %) [1755]. -Also obtained by reaction of butyric anhydride with 1,2,4-trimethoxybenzene in the presence of aluminium chloride in methylene chloride at 60 for 1 h (74 %) [772].

1-(2-Fluoro-4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-butanone C10H11FO2 F CO(CH2)2CH3 mol. wt. 20 Synthesis -Refer to: [2233]. 1 H NMR [2233]; MS [2233]. HO 1-(3-Fluoro-2-hydroxyphenyl)-1-butanone [949902-14-1] C10H11FO2 OH F CO(CH2)2CH3 Syntheses -Refer to: [310, 311]. Methyl ether [949902-16-3] C11H13FO2 mol. wt. 20 mol. wt. 22 -Refer to: [310, 311]. 1-(3-Fluoro-4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-butanone [586-18-5] OH F CO(CH2)2CH3 C10H11FO2 mol. wt. 20 Syntheses -Obtained by total demethylation of 3-fluoro-4-methoxy-butyrophenone by treatment in boiling pyridinium chloride (62 %) [517].

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