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This paintings makes a speciality of mathematical equipment and glossy symbolic computational instruments required to unravel primary and complex difficulties in anisotropic elasticity. particular purposes are awarded to the category of difficulties which are encountered within the concept.

Key positive aspects: specific emphasis is put on the choice of analytic method for a particular challenge and the potential for symbolic computational options to help and enhance the analytic method of problem-solving · the actual interpretation of tangible and approximate mathematical recommendations is punctiliously tested and offers new insights into the concerned phenomena · state of the art ideas are supplied for a variety of composite fabric configurations built by means of the authors, together with nonlinear difficulties and complicated research of laminated and thin-walled buildings · considerable picture examples, together with animations, extra facilitate an knowing of the most steps within the answer procedure.

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As shown, there are a number of solutions in the region under discussion, and the picture has a period of π in θ and 2π in ψ. 4 (a) |σN | over ψ − θ plane. 04 x (b) 3D surface of |σN |. 1. of σN = σ11 over the ψ-θ plane, see Fig. 110b), σT as described by the surface in Fig. 10(a) is obtained. One may also create a three-dimensional (spherical) surface of σN = σ11 (θ, ψ), and σT = σ212 (θ, ψ) + σ213 (θ, ψ). 12 and replace ψ by θs and θ by φs − π2 , respectively, where θs and φs are spherical angles, see Fig.

208). 11 executes stress tensor transformations between curvilinear and Cartesian coordinates. 20 1. 8 2 4 1 x 2 3 x_new 4 column (a) Axis orientation. 5 row 6 6 (b) The matrix Mσ . 4: Example of axis orientation and the resulting Mσ for ψ = 30◦ , θ = φ = 0. 1 Principal Stresses We shall now seek expressions for the principal stresses at a point. In essence, we are looking for a set of rotation angles that will define a new system orientation, in which only the normal stress components σα (α = x, y, z) are nonzero at a point.

A) σT over ψ − θ plane. 1. Further on, we may also plot graphs of ψ and θ as functions of σN and σT over the valid region of Mohr’s diagram. 208) to determine ψ and θ, respectively. The resulting diagrams are shown in Fig. 12. Note that each surface is plotted over the valid area of Mohr’s diagram only. 6. ). ). 11: The angles ψ and θ that transform a principal stress state for each σN , σT point. 5 One may define the mean shear stress, σ0T , by integrating τT over the surface, ω, of an infinitesimally small sphere, the center of which is located at the point under discussion.

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