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By William Hogarth

William Hogarth wrote his research of attractiveness in 1753, throughout the Age of Enlightenment. via this attractive textual content, he has a tendency to outline the idea of attractiveness in portray and states that it truly is associated, consistent with se, to using the serpentine strains in pictorial compositions. He calls it the road of attractiveness. His essay is therefore devoted to the examine of the composition of work, reckoning on the proper use of the pictorial strains, mild, color, and the figure's attitudes. those undying thoughts were utilized through a number of artists in the course of the centuries. work from each interval have right here been selected to aid this demonstration. they permit us to discover a number of the manners during which attractiveness may be expressed in portray.

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For the same reason, Glicon made the neck larger in circumference than any part of the head, otherwise the figure would have been burdened with an unnecessary weight, which would have been a drawback from his strength, and in consequence of that, from its characteristic beauty. These seeming faults, which show the superior anatomical knowledge, as well as judgement of the ancients, are not to be found in its leaden imitations near London’s Hyde Park. These saturnine geniuses imagined they knew how to correct such apparent disproportions.

48 49 50 It may indeed have properties of greater consequence, such as propriety, fitness, and use; and yet but hardly serve the purposes of pleasing the eye, merely on the score of beauty. We have, indeed, in our nature, a love of imitation from infancy, and the eye is often entertained, as well as surprised, with mimicry, and delighted with the exactness of counterparts. However, this always gives way to the superior love of variety, and soon grows tiresome. If the uniformity of figures, parts, or lines were truly the chief cause of beauty, the more uniformly their appearances were kept, the more pleasure the eye would receive; but this is so far from being the case that when the mind has been satisfied once all of the parts are similar to one another with so exact a uniformity, so as to preserve to the whole the character of fitness to stand, to move, to sink, to swim, to fly, etc.

Here I must acknowledge myself particularly indebted to one gentleman for his corrections and amendment of at least a third part of the wording. Through his absence and avocations, several meets went to the press without any assistance while the rest had the occasional inspection of one or two other friends. If any inaccuracies are be found in the writing, I will readily acknowledge them all as my own, and am, I confess, under no great concern about them, provided the matter in general may be found useful and answerable in the application of it to truth and nature in which material points, if the reader thinks it fit to rectify any mistakes, it will give me a sensible pleasure and do great honour to the work.

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