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By David G. Anderson, Robert P. Wishart, Virginie Vaté

because of altering climates and demographics, questions of coverage within the circumpolar north have targeted cognizance at the very constructions that folks name domestic. Dwellings lie on the middle of many different types of negotiation. in line with years of in-depth examine, this booklet provides and analyzes how the folks of the circumpolar areas conceive, construct, memorialize, and stay of their dwellings. This booklet seeks to set a brand new general for interdisciplinary paintings in the humanities and social sciences and comprises anthropological paintings on vernacular structure, environmental anthropology, loved ones archaeology and demographics.

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This left two spaces on either side of the neck – called wek’ohgà, or ‘neck beside’ – that were filled in with small pieces of hide. The hides are sewn with sinew using an overcast stitch (known as echìwa k’è˛è˛ nàedli). The strands of caribou sinew are taken from the thoracolumbar fascia of the animal’s back. When the animals are field dressed, hunters take great care in preserving the thoracolumbar fascia, which is dried and later abraded to soften it. Individual strands – about 30–38 cm in length – are pulled free and three small bundles (about 10–15 strands each) are lightly braided and stored for later use.

Mason 1946: 20). As such, the lodge had informal male and female sides. Wishing to avoid proscriptions for women stepping over the blood of freshly killed animals, especially at menses, men would lift the edge of the covering near their sleeping place to bring fresh meat or hunting equipment into the lodge. There were no set rules for the orientation of the lodge. In situations where numerous lodges were set together, the entrances might face each other. In situations where the lodges were set on a narrow clearing beside a lake or river they might all face the water.

5 feet) Total number of hides 30 29 No. hides in bottom panel 15 15 + 2 infill sections No. hides in middle panel 11 9 No. hides in top panel 4 4 Decoration 3 hide tassels coloured with bands of red ochre; red ochre band painted over seam between bottom and middle panels 3 tassels made from red and blue wool stroud and hide fringes; faint traces of red ochre at several locations, but no pattern apparent Condition Excellent; much evidence of smoke staining on interior side; small holes (from warble flies) have mostly been sewn closed Excellent; little evidence of use on interior suggesting that the lodge was made for trade or on commission?

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