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She thought no v'ice hed sech a swing Ez hisn in the choir; My! when he made Ole Hunderd ring, She knowed the Lord was nigher. An' she'd blush scarlit, right in prayer, When her new meetin'-bunnet Felt somehow thru' its crown a pair O' blue eyes sot upon it. Thet night, I tell ye, she looked some! She seemed to've gut a new soul, For she felt sartin- sure he'd come, Down to her very shoe-sole. She heered a foot, an' knowed it tu, A-raspin' on the scraper, — All ways to once her feelin's flew Like sparks in burnt-up paper.

Out spoke the ancient fisherman: " Oh, what was that, my daughter ? " Out spoke the ancient fisherman: " Now, bring me my harpoon! " Down fell that pretty innocent, as falls a snow-white lamb; Her hair drooped round her pallid cheeks, like seaweed on a clam. 16 A TREASURY OF HUMOROUS POETRY Alas for those two loving ones! she waked not from her swound, And he was taken with the cramp, and in the waves was drowned; But Fate has metamorphosed them, in pity of their woe, And now they keep an oyster shop for mermaids down below.

Too tiahed out to make a noise, Po' little lamb. You gwine t' have to-morrer sho'? Yes, you tole me dat befo', Don't you fool me, chile, no' mo', Po' little lamb. A TREASURY OF HUMOROUS POETRY 37 You been bad de livelong day, Po' little lamb. Th'owin' stones an' runnin' 'way, Po' little lamb. My, but you's a-runnin' wil', Look jes' lak some po' folks' chile; Mam' gwine whup you atter while, Po' little lamb. Come hyeah! you mos' tiahed to def, Po' little lamb. Played yo'se'f clean out o' bref, Po' little lamb.

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