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Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970, pt. 1-2

Contains lists, tables, and facts on: Senators; Senatorial elections; classes; get together management and association; Committees; Senate association; and Senate powers.

Seasonality in Human Mortality: A Demographic Approach

Seasonal fluctuations in mortality are a chronic phenomenon throughout populations. In Western nations of the Northern hemisphere, mortality is sometimes greater in iciness than in summer season that is attributed to the harmful results of chilly to well-being. This does, notwithstanding, no longer clarify why in less warm nations the variations among iciness and summer season mortality are smaller than in international locations with hot or reasonable weather.

Renewing the Family: A History of the Baby Boomers

This e-book strains the historical past of the baby-boomers, starting with a proof of the reason for the post-war child increase and finishing with the modern issues of getting older boomers. It indicates how the baby-boomers challenged conventional family members attitudes and followed new existence within the Nineteen Sixties and Nineteen Seventies. Drawing on ninety interviews performed with child boomers residing in London and Paris, the e-book demonstrates how their aspirations for relaxation and intake converged with relations tasks and duties.

Demographic Projection Techniques for Regions and Smaller Areas: A Primer

The power to venture inhabitants tendencies is of significant value for an individual curious about making plans - within the public in addition to inner most region. This ebook presents the instruments for making such projections and discusses 4 central methods: mathematical extrapolation, comparative equipment, cohort survival and migration types.

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In the case of national defence). Though a few more examples of public goods can perhaps be thought of, few goods and services provided by governments have the characteristic that as more is consumed of them by some persons, there is no diminution in the amount available for others. For example this is not true of education, health services, housing, recreational grounds, electricity, gas and transport, etc. Hence one cannot say that all publicly supplied goods are public goods in Samuelson's sense.

The line EF has only point I in common with the production possibilities frontier; everywhere else it lies beyond that frontier. 54 y o B FIG. 3 F x It is quite possible that at the point of equilibrium on the outward consumption line some individuals in the economy are actually worse off than before - say those whose old occupations are affected by imports and who have not been able to find equally attractive livelihoods. Hence we cannot say that foreign trade necessarily makes everybody better off in an economy.

Often an instrument affects more than one objective, just as an objective may be affected by more than one instrument. Objectives might be all fixed or all flexible, or a combination of the two kind. e. when certain specified magnitudes for them all must be attained), the main policy problem is to examine the compatibility of the fixed targets with the instruments. This can be a most illuminating exercise; for an interesting illustration of this see chapter 8 of Peacock and Shaw [32]: compatibility will not be achieved if the targets and instruments are not equal in number.

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