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4 28. Receipts on capital account V. External Account 29. Exports 31. b. 0 (b) Shipping services 32. Foreign lending 30. b. 33. 1 1 Note on sources o f this table. Most of the items are directly derivable from King’s Natural and Political Observations. See pp. 30-31 for items 2, 4, 14 and 15, and pp. 54-55 for item 10. For items 20, 21, and 22 the source was Davenant: see his Discourses on the Public Revenue, Part I, p. 233, and his Essay upon Ways and Means, p. 20 and p. 72. For the items in the External account the source was King’s O f the Naval Trade o f England', for items 25 and 27 see p.

Salaries 8. Net output of industry Wages 9. Net output of transport 4. 10. Net output of distribution 11. Net value o f personal services 12. Net value o f government services 13. Net income from abroad 16. Current Government Expenditure on Goods and Services 17. Government subsidies 18. Less indirect taxes 19. Home Investment: a) Gross Home Investment in Fixed Capital b) Less Depreciation, Renewals, Repairs, etc. c) Home Investment in stocks d) Costs involved in transfer of property 20. Foreign Investment 5.

The situation o f which Colin Clark complains will soon change in Great Britain. That is not the case for France, which will be lagging behind with poor statistics and a lack of official interest. Leopold Duge de Bernonville, a statistician from France’s General Statistics, carries on Clement Colson’s works for 1913, and publishes annually and privately an estimate o f private incomes from 1933 to the war, in the Revue d'Economie Politique. He will also cover the period 1920-1939 but with a weak statistical basis.

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