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By Stuart Bennett

Dr. Bennett lines the becoming wisdom of the significance and the importance of the idea that of suggestions in engineering and treats intimately the technical advancements that contributed to this understanding. There follows an account of the advance of steam and hydraulic servomechanisms and their program to the keep an eye on of ships and plane.

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In 1862 he produced a friction governor based on the aerodynamic resistance of a centrifugal fan,54 a device reminiscent of Robert Hilton's lift tenter. This governor apparently worked well and Foucault had visions *of triumphing where James Watt had only a partial victory', visions of great commercial success and financial independence. 55 * The term Msochronism* {isochronisme)t meaning the absence of offset in a speed-control system, gained wide currency, in French literature, from its first use by Pecqueur and Foucault in 1847.

Providing that the governor is properly proportioned;. . whenever a great and sudden change of the motion of the engine takes place, the governor will make a correspondingly great and sudden alteration of the opening of the throttle-valve, so as not merely to correct the change of the motion, but it will cause an alteration of an opposite character to that of the original one, though to a less extent. The governor will afterwards apply a remedy to that second alteration, and proportionably less active, though still in excess; and thus, after a few fluctuations the governor will bring the valve to its proper adjustment.

19 81 MAYR: Feedback mechanisms, p. : The textile mill engine (David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1970), Vol. 1, see Figures 1, 2, 5,6 and 7 83 The Engineer, 1863,15, p. 97 84 CHARBONNIER: 'Memoire sur les rnoyens generalement employes pour regulariser les mouvements des machines a vapeur a manivelles, et en particulier sur le regulateur employe par MM. -J. \ Bulletin de la SociMIndustrielle deMulhouse, 1843,17, pp. 332-385 85 FULLER: Control theory - II, p. , pp. 227-228 87 See, for example, GREEN, W.

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